Whitehaven Residential Home has chosen AutumnCare to manage their care records.

Home Manager Beverly made a selection after an extensive review of the care management systems currently available on the market. 


Going the Extra Mile

“AutumnCare was the only system that was comprehensive enough to meet all of our requirements,” said Beverly. 

“AutumnCare really went the extra mile to completely tailor the system to our organisational needs.

The team were highly receptive, listening to our requirements to ensure that the solution provided was exactly the right solution for us.”


CQC Rating Improvements

Positive results being shared by AutumnCare clients further assured Beverly that AutumnCare was the right choice.

“I can tell your system is making a genuine difference for your current clients.”

The Maple Care Home has boosted their CQC results since implementing AutumnCare.

This is largely attributed to improved care planning and completeness of records (view the CQC report).


The Criteria

“Our staff were particularly impressed with AutumnCare’s care planning capabilities,” said Beverly.

Electronic care planning is a great way to enhance organisational efficiency. 

This allows staff more time to spend on the delivery of care.

AutumnCare prompts staff to create highly detailed plans that are inclusive of all the details that make a resident unique.

This ensures that truly individualised care plans are created every time.


Medication Management

The availability of a MAR sheet was appealing as Whitehaven also plans to roll out a medication management system down the track.

Having used other care systems in the past that did not meet their requirements, Whitehaven was determined to find a system that would work for them.


The Whitehaven Mission

Based in Hampshire, Whitehaven provides both dementia and elderly care services.

Whitehaven aims to deliver the highest quality residential care ‘by having the individual at the very heart of everything we do’.

With a common goal to promote high quality individualised care, we are thrilled to be working with Whitehaven now and into the future.

Beverly was equally enthusiastic about a long and fruitful partnership.

“I am excited to be an ambassador for AutumnCare as your first partner expanding into the South.”


For Further Information

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