One of the five key questions the CQC asks is whether your care service is well led.

Well led means that the leadership and management of your service assure the delivery of high quality, person-centred care.

They support learning and innovation and promote an open and fair culture.

AutumnCare’s features provide you with transparency.

Therefore your management team has full support, with the ability to access important information anywhere.


Promote a Positive Culture that is Person-Centred, Open, Inclusive and Empowering

Person-centred care plans lie at the heart of AutumnCare’s products.

Use forms and assessments to create unique care plans tailored to each individual’s needs.

This enables your care staff to truly get to know their residents, therefore allowing them to provide the best care possible.

Embedded Processes

We encourage all care providers to embed their own processes and policies into our system. This is done via Automated Intelligence rules and our guided workflow.

Transparent Communication

AutumnCare’s inclusive messaging and task functions allow complete openness and transparency in your home.

Well led care

Demonstrate Good Management and Leadership

AutumnCare’s user-friendly dashboard allows managers to monitor critical clinical information at any time.

Easily customisable dashboard indicators can be set to alert you when falls have occurred, as well as if there are any overdue care plan evaluations. 

Managerial Oversight

Increase internal communication by using the messaging function.

Managers are able to monitor who read their messages as well as who completed which tasks.

Consequently, this can become a powerful tool for performance reviews.

Reporting and Auditing

Our system contains a comprehensive reporting suite.

Report on all data entered into AutumnCare.

Use our predefined reports as well as creating your own.

AutumnCare gives providers and managers ultimate visibility.

As a result, they see what is happening in your care home from anywhere and at any time.

Well led management oversight

Deliver High-Quality Care

All of AutumnCare’s functions and features work together to ensure that your service is delivering high-quality care that supports best practice.


Work in Partnership With Other Agencies

A wide range of healthcare professionals can use AutumnCare’s core products.

Set up individual login details for agency nurses or other services such as GPs as well as District Nurses.

They are able to record their own notes in AutumnCare using their own domain.

Family involvement in their loved one’s life is integral to providing holistic person-centred care.

For this reason, we developed our family communication app Family Connect. This allows families to engage as well as actively communicate with the care staff.