Meet The AutumnCare Team

Dr Michael Preece

Chief Operating Officer

Tam Watson

Chief Executive Officer

Joshua Morey

Chief Technology Officer

Mine Gundem

Finance and Administration Manager

Michael Offringa

Technical Operations Manager

Nick Choi

Technical Support Manager

Claire Bailey

Clinical Operations Manager | Registered Nurse

Alex Collin

Sales Manager

Sina Petersdorf

Project Manager

Dyan Andyono


Eileen Hope

Clinical Nurse Consultant | Registered Nurse

Jeff Mui

Technical Support Officer

Joseph Glassock

Technical Support Officer

Eszek Tan

Technical Support Officer

Aimee French

Marketing Officer

Alicia Walker

Sales Manager

Deven Child

Technical Support Programmer

Ben Casella

Technical Support Programmer

Inna Meakins

Senior Test Analyst

Adam Roulston

Software Engineer

Kieran Sasse

Software Engineer

Kevin Meyer

Software Engineer

Ian McGrath

Software Engineer

Mikayla Lyons

Quality Assurance Officer

Who Trusts Us

Having a system that supports effective documentation and record keeping has helped us to improve our rating from the CQC.

Adam Knights, Managing Director, Knights Care

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