Safeguard your residents by eliminating medication incidents today.

End errors in medication administration and provide the highest quality care possible with AutumnCare.

The electronic medication administration record (EMAR) drastically reduces the risk for error while providing improved productivity and quality of clinical data.

Experience for yourself the radical reduction in incidents thousands of elderly care residents across Australia are already benefiting from.

Most noticeably, one facility experienced an 83% reduction in medication incidents.

“In the 12 months since implementation we have seen a dramatic 83% reduction in medication incident reports. Incidents have dropped from 16.2 incidents per thousand bed days in January 2013 down to only 2.75 by the end of the year.”

Not only does this provide better quality care and health outcomes for residents, but saves valuable staff time providing a demonstrable return on investment.

An electronic medication management system facilitates the supply and administration of medicines to be completed electronically, enabling best practice information to be readily available to care providers.


Reducing errors in medication administration to achieve resident safety and better outcomes.

Providing care providers with a more accurate and efficient way to record and retrieve medication records.


An electronic medication administration record that automates many processes, increasing efficiency, and reduces the risk of administration errors.


A drastic reduction in the number of medication incidents per thousand bed days.

Residents are safer, achieve better health outcomes and have their entire medical history documented in the one record.

Staff are empowered with the tools to complete tasks with more efficiency, accuracy, and access medical information immediately.

Transitioning from Paper Records

Being vigilant in medication administration when you use a paper based system is time consuming and labour intensive if risks are to be identified and mitigated.

Administering medications in accordance with the 6 rights of medication management has a high potential for error in a traditional paper based environment.

Staff find themselves completing time consuming paperwork, which takes away from their valuable time with residents.

Staff were required to wade through resident charts during every medication round to see what medications and doses should be administered to residents.

A medication administration sign-off sheet then had to be completed for each resident, to document that medication had in fact been administered.

This process leaves room for mistakes, and medication incidents were common.

“Medication incident reports in November 2011 were 20.6 incidents per thousand bed days, with 51% of medication incidents identified as requiring ongoing training on how to properly handle and administer medication.”

The AutumnCare Solution

AutumnCare’s EMAR system was implemented by the end of 2012 after the facility began searching for an electronic system that could save time and eliminate medication incidents at the point of care.

Staff can now view entire medication profiles for each resident in the one integrated folder, accessible with the click of a button. Staff can electronically record when medications have been administered to residents, with notes automatically created and placed on handover for follow up.

Key Benefits

Errors due to poor communication, misinterpretation of transcribed notes and interpretation of medical information are abolished.

A reduction in paperwork creates a seamless, more productive workflow for staff, who can access current and accurate medication profiles and information.

The hunt for paperwork is eliminated.

“The combination of these factors resulted in an 83% reduction in medication incidents. Not only are residents experiencing better health outcomes, but care providers are confident in their ability to provide the best level of care possible to their residents, with the effective medication management tools that AutumnCare provides.”


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