Stoma Care Part Two with Claire Bailey.

Stoma Care with Claire

Dietary advice for Ostomies

To thicken the faeces try to eat more:

  • Banana, boiled milk, boiled rice, cheese pasta, potato and bread

To soften try:

  • Beans, licorice, spicy foods, cabbage, beer, caffeine and leafy vegetables 

To reduce odor try:

  • Apples, parsley, live yogurt and green leafy vegetables

These foods may cause wind:

  • Beer, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, chewing gum, corn, cucumber, beans, melon, milk, onion, spicy foods and fizzy drink

Foods that may cause blockage:

  • Nuts, seeds, corn, whole grains and skin on meat, fruit and vegetables

Foods that may increase odor:

  • Beer, cabbage, garlic, coffee, eggs, onions and cheese

For more dietary advice view Dietary advice for Ostomies.

Stoma Care Appliances

Appliances contain the stomal output.

These appliances adhere to the skin around the stoma. They have several sections, the adhesive ring, the bag and then a soft cover.

As mentioned in our previous article, most adhesive rings are made from materials similar to hydrocolloid dressings, this makes them skin friendly and they result in few allergies.

Some patients prefer an all in one unit and others prefer a two piece device.

Stoma Care Appliances

A two piece and a one piece appliance.

Specialist stoma nurses work with patients to ascertain which devices suit their needs. They also train the patient to be able to manage their stoma and appliances effectively.

The hole in the flange of the device must be made correctly. Stoma nurses teach patients how to measure their stoma and cut the aperture to fit it. The correct size is 2-3mm larger than the actual stoma, and the same shape.

If patients are experiencing complications with their stomas, there are appliances and accessories that can be used to manage them.

There are seals, washers and adhesive pastes to aid adhesion and prevent leakages.

Other accessories that can be used are protective wipes, sprays and powders, which can be used to protect the skin.

Living with a Stoma

Living with a stoma can be distressing to patients and even more so when the stoma has complications such as excoriated skin or leakages.

It is therefore vital to enlist the help of specialist nurses or stoma care companies to do all that we can to ensure that those living with a stoma are as comfortable as possible.