medication errors NHSIndependent, February 2018.

Adverse drug reactions account for the majority of medication errors.

This is followed by: 

  • Poor communication between healthcare professionals
  • Administering medication to the wrong person

Elderly people are at a higher risk of adverse drug reactions. 

This is due to the likelihood for them to be on multiple medications at the one time.

This makes it critical for care staff to easily be able to monitor each resident’s medication in the care home.

How does an eMAR improve safety?

An eMAR makes it easy to see all residents’ medication profiles in the one place.

Ensuring documentation is accurate and accessible is critical to reducing errors.

AutumnCare’s eMAR Medicate uses inbuilt alerts, prompts and indicators to reduce errors.

Missed medications are eliminated with our security feature.

A reason must be provided for all non-administered medications before care staff can complete a round.

Administration to the correct person in ensured as care staff are able to compare a photograph from the system to the resident at the point of administration.

A Single Repository

71% of reported errors occurred when patients visited a GP.

Medicate stores all medication information in one single repository. 

This ensures no critical information is missed during the prescribing or administration process.

The GP is able to prescribe with each resident’s medical history and current medications clearly laid out in front of them.

Stock Control

AutumnCare’s eMAR also contains an inventory management tool.

This allows for the efficient tracking of medications.

Document the ordering, receiving and disposing of medications electronically.

This provides a more accurate process as well as eliminating the risks inherent in manual medication management tasks.

Other New Medication Features

AutumnCare’s eMAR now supports phone orders.

This allows for interim medications prescribed by a GP over the phone to be recorded and administered safely.

Medicate is an eMAR designed to ease the pressures of a heavy workload by reducing the time care staff spend on documentation.

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Compliance with a CMS

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