The first question the CQC asks is whether your care service is safe.

Safe means people are protected from abuse as well as avoidable harm.

AutumnCare’s features support staff in meeting these regulatory requirements.


Protect people from bullying, harassment, avoidable harm, abuse and breaches of human rights

AutumnCare encourages providers to embed their own policies into the care management system using Automated Intelligence rules. 

These work hand in hand with the systems customisable Dashboard indicators.

Configured alerts will inform you if important issues are not attended to.

Indicators can range from overdue weights, unfinished risk assessments as well as incomplete incident forms.


AutumnCare includes an integrated reporting suite.

This assists with analysing incidents. This helps you identify trends and therefore prevent harmful situations that could have been avoided.

Forms and Assessments

Inconsistencies in your care records are eliminated thanks to AutumnCare’s single instance questions.

Single instance questions appear in forms as well as in assessments.

Single instance means you answer a question once and the system will automatically update all other assessments and care plans linked to this question.


AutumnCare offers a sophisticated inbuilt messaging system, which allows staff members to whistle blow directly to management or the provider.

 Safe messaging

Manage risks to individuals and the service. Protect people; support and respect their freedom

AutumnCare’s comprehensive library of risk assessments supports your team to proactively manage risk.

Analyse trends in falls. This consequently empowers staff as well as management to put suitable preventative measures in place.


Create Dashboard indicators to appropriately manage DoLS applications, ensure that DoLS do not expire and unlawfully deprive people of their liberty.

Assessing Capacity

Our Mental Capacity and Best Interest Assessment assist staff with making informed and therefore correct decisions on a resident’s capacity.

Safe DoLS

Ensure that there are sufficient numbers of suitable staff to keep people safe

AutumnCare enables your carers and nurses to spend more time on direct resident care.

This is achieved by significantly reducing time spent on documentation.

Safe staff levels

Manage resident’s medicines safely

AutumnCare’s eMAR system Medicate helps staff with the safe as well as efficient management of medications.

Medicate features include medication profiles as well as single instance entries on allergies.

Eliminate Missed Medications

Inbuilt Missed Medications Alerts inform you if medicines are not dispensed at the correct time.

As a result, this function makes missed signatures a thing of the past.

Manage Medication Stock

Inventory Management, as well as Dashboard indicators on low stock, will support your home to always have the required medications in-house.

Make use of our varied medication reports for auditing purposes. 

Safe medicines management

Prevent and control infections in your care home

AutumnCare’s detailed Infection Notification form can assist your care home with informing all staff of the infection details.

Infection Notification forms should include:

  • Actions taken
  • When the infection was identified
  • When it was resolved

Our reporting suite, as well as our Dashboard indicators, help you identify outbreaks of infections early.

This allows you the best chance to control them as efficiently and timely as possible.

Safe infection control