I took over as Care Manager of Rock Cottage at the beginning of 2019.

The Care Quality Commission visited for a full inspection in February, where the home was marked as 'Requires Improvement'.


I certainly had my work cut out, as there were many things that needed to be improved and introduced.


I started by speaking to the homes owners about the need for electronic care planning. 

I researched and saw demonstrations from three vendors before deciding on AutumnCare. 


AutumnCare is very user friendly for nurses and care staff.

We were able to liaise with AutumnCare to get the system set up in a way that works for us.


I spent hours inputting resident information to ensure each individual had a person-centred record of care.

Once a resident's profile is in place, AutumnCare allows for the creation of:

  • Admission documents
  • Care plans
  • Risk assessments
  • Mental capacity assessments
  • Charts
  • Notes 
  • Files

There are so many forms and charts that can be added to each person's plan to form a comprehensive view of the individual.


AutumnCare also makes it possible to run a series of reports in a matter of minutes.

This is a huge help when audits and care plan reviews are regularly required.


Once staff were familiar with the system, I moved on to the next phase of process improvements. 

This was expanding our electronic system to encompass medicines management.


AutumnCare Medicate has allowed us to digitise all aspects of our medicines management.

This includes administration, stock control and reporting.


In November 2021 I stepped down from Care Home Manager to Deputy Nurse Manager to concentrate on nursing.

This allowed me to experience first-hand the benefits of our new medication system.


The CQC was also able to witness this when they inspected Rock Cottage in December 2021. 

I was able to showcase my and my teams work.

They were very pleased with AutumnCare and the homes improvements in general. 

The report also noted medicines were being administered:

  • As prescribed
  • On time
  • In a safe way
  • And that records were regularly reviewed

AutumnCare Medicate follows the 6 Rs of administration and enforces reasons to be provided for non-administration.


In addition to medicines management, the CQC reviewed care planning practices.

Mention was made of care plans containing detailed information about people's individual needs.


Our inspection report showed all required actions as having been met.

The homes overall rating was moved from 'Requires Improvement' to 'Good.'