One of the five key questions the CQC asks is whether your care home is responsive.

Responsive means that your service is organised and meets people’s needs.

AutumnCare’s person-centred assessments are easily updated. This ensures that care delivery remains current and appropriate.


Ensure that your residents receive personalised care that is responsive to their needs

AutumnCare promotes holistic assessments that focus on ability instead of disability.

Every form in our system comes with free text boxes. Staff are able to note down truly person-centred care needs.

These will automatically be reflected in the resident’s care plans.

Regular care plan reviews and evaluations are essential

responsive care planning

Set customisable dashboard indicators to alert you to overdue or outstanding evaluations.

Our care plans and assessments are very user-friendly and straightforward to use.

Staff can update them without difficult ensuring care remains current and appropriate.

AutumnCare’s comprehensive reporting tools assist management and providers alike with spotting trends, consequently enabling them to consistently improve care and conduct easy audits.

Improve the quality of your care by learning from people’s experiences, concerns and complaints

One of AutumnCare’s key benefits is that the system increases and improves communication.

Family involvement is important to providing the best care possible to your residents.

Use our family communication app Family Connect to update loved ones on their relatives. 

Share daily notes as well as care plans and photos.

Responsive care

Family members will be able to send messages directly to carers, therefore providing them with feedback.

Increase internal communication between staff members by using our integrated messaging system that is fully transparent and auditable. 

Assure that people receive consistent, person-centred, care when moving between different services

AutumnCare’s wide range of forms and assessments includes the Resident Transfer Form.

This form provides the receiving care service with all relevant information on the resident, including:

  • Medical as well as surgical history
  • Their doctors as well as family contact details
  • Documents
  • Personal effects accompanying the resident

Easily add additional information to the form. Print out forms as required.

Integrated Automated Intelligence rules can be set to prompt you on the discharge as well as the return from the hospital. 

Our guided workflow ensures a smooth transition for every resident.

Care plans are easily read and understood by other care services. 

Responsive hospital discharge