Documenting notes in a fraction of the time.

A dual-registered care home has radically improved productivity since implementing AutumnCare as their care management system. 

Both residents and care staff have been enjoying the advantages of a more efficient way to document care. Residents benefit from their care staff being able to spend more quality one on one time with them. Meanwhile, the team achieves better compliance and care quality outcomes with the instant availability of robust evidence.

The 52 bed nursing and residential home was using paper to plan and document care until late last year. 

On average, a single resident note took three minutes 40 seconds to be recorded on paper. This only allowed for as little as two resident notes to be documented per resident on any given day.

Since implementing AutumnCare, a time saving of 78% per care note has been achieved.

This dramatic improvement in productivity enables care staff to record a higher quantity of resident notes and also frees up more time for the provision of high quality, person centred care.

Resident Notes in Under One Minute

Efficiency in Resident Notes

Resident notes can now be recorded in under one minute.

AutumnCare decreases the time it takes to record a note from 3.40 to 0.49, a time saving of nearly three minutes.

Note that these timings include the time taken to find the relevant resident record, record the care note and save it to the AutumnCare system. 

Quantity of Resident Notes

Quality of Care Notes 

Since the uptake of AutumnCare, the number of resident notes documented has leapt dramatically from two to 17 notes per resident (per day on average).

Due to the quick and easy nature of recording notes in AutumnCare, care staff can document daily activities at a far greater frequency than ever before. 

With AutumnCare, a far more comprehensive history of the resident and their care is being documented.

Key Benefits of Productivity in Note Taking 

The care home staff can now immediately access and refer to an extensive record of resident notes at any time, from anywhere.

In a 5 Year Strategy, the CQC notes that the documentation of comprehensive resident notes is key to the delivery of high quality, evidence based care.

“Relying on robust data supports better compliance, outcomes and a better care experience”.

With AutumnCare, residents are receiving a better care experience. Care staff can record documentation in a fraction of the time and be available to focus on one on one interactions with residents for the delivery of quality, personalised care. Care provision and all complex well being decisions are now based on more comprehensive records than ever before.