Now a PRSB Partner!

AutumnCare is now a member of the PRSB Standards Partnership Scheme. 

We have aligned ourselves with the PRSB as part of our ongoing commitment to best practice in sharing standardised information and the principles of user led care.



The Professional Record Standards Body exists to create standards for health and social care records. 

Healthcare workers depend on the accessibility and accuracy of care records in order to provide quality care.

As such, these records must maintain a high standard to ensure people are receiving the correct care.


Standardising Information

As a PRSB Partner, AutumnCare is able to provide input to standards development plans and developments as they emerge. 


What are the goals of the PRSB? 

The primary goals of the PRSB in standardising care records are:

  • A reduction in errors
  • Efficiency in transfers between care services
  • Patients are involved and informed in their care decisions 
  • Key information is shared between care services, reducing the need for repetition and repeated data entry 
  • Care services can be better targeted towards those in need 


Find out More

Visit the PRSB website to find out more about the work they do, or, visit the Standards Partnership Scheme page for information on becoming a partner.