Medicate is AutumnCare's medication management solution.

Our solution has been developed to augment safety of administrations while improving the efficiency of ordering, receipt and disposal of medication.

Designed in alignment with the 5 Rs, comprising a fully inventory bundle and management information toolset, Medicate provides peace of mind that medication is being sourced, handled and tracked safely and efficiently. 

Safety in Medication Management

Follow the 5 Rs of medication administration with inbuilt safety features: the right resident, the right drug, the right dose, the right route and the right time.

Safety features include:

  • Medication incident recording
  • Critical medication notes
  • Medication reports 
  • Full audit trail
  • Print/Save capabilities when a physical MAR is required to provide evidence.
    Additionally, this can be sent with a resident on appointments or hospital admissions 
  • Double signing for the administration of controlled drugs, booking in, as well as the disposal of medications
  • Dashboard indicators help staff track medication status in the home. E.g. indicators to flag missing signatures or medications with low stock levels

Efficiency in Medication Management

Customise the system with your organisations own policy and processes for ultimate efficiency. 

Features that boost efficiency include:

  • Topical medication rounds for carers
  • Full inventory management: Order, Receive/Book in and Return/Destroy medications with one easy to use tool
  • Patch application, including 'checking rounds' in addition to recording location of the application
  • Seamless communication with handover as well as daily notes

Accuracy in Medication Management

Eliminate missed signatures with missed medications alerts as well as management functions.

Additional features that promote accuracy include:

  • Integrates with pharmacies
  • Manually enter medications when required
  • Edit current medications i.e GP review
  • PRN management
  • PRN protocols
  • Manage homely remedies


See our blog for more on medication management as well as the Medicate solution.


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