Connect ensures resident needs are thoroughly assessed using AutumnCare's unrivalled Continuum form set.
Personalised care plans are automatically generated to meet the residents individual needs.

Defined workflows promote internal and external compliance. 
Centralised storage provides easy access to care records, therefore safeguarding against mislaid documentation and inconsistencies.

With all care activity logged in Connect, monitoring and improving the effectiveness of elderly care has never been easier.

Furthermore, a powerful management information Dashboard and report suite assist with auditing and evidencing care.

Daily Notes

Create timely, accurate daily notes with ease. Add important notes to handover or care alerts.

Built-in spellchecker aids legibility. Moreover, snippets of commonly used statements prompt staff and enhance the quality of note writing.

Risk Assessments

Complete comprehensive assessments in order to manage risk.

Add risk scores to care plans automatically as things change.

Person Centred Care Plans

Use our assessments to create specific and detailed care plans. Comprehensive questions prompt staff to ascertain person choices as well as preferences.

The click of a button generates truly person-centred care plans.


Access a live handover at any time. As a result, staff and management can instantly access the current handover report.

Additionally, important changes are automatically added to handover to enhance communication.


Intelligent charting supports the recording of clinical information.

Staff will be warned of atypical results via alerts, i.e. alert staff when fluid intake goals are not achieved. 

Incident Forms 

Record Resident, Medication and Visitor incidents with ease.

Document action taken following incidents as well as the risk rating scale to assess the likelihood of recurrence. 

Appointment Management

Schedule and manage appointments in the home. This is coupled with the ability to view appointments by resident or by wing/unit.

Reporting Suite

Staff can audit all data entered into Connect.

Staff can create, customise and save the reports they create to assist in clinical auditing of the home.

Tasks and Messaging

Dramatically improve communication using our inbuilt two way messaging as well as a task system.

View when staff have not only received, but also when they have read messages as well as alerts. Set tasks and monitor their progress.

Decision Support

Automated Intelligence runs throughout AutumnCare. Customise Automated Intelligence to ensure that staff follow the processes defined by your home.

Instant messages, as well as alerts, guide the completion of essential tasks.

What's more, automated records into handover and care notes ensure that changes are clearly documented and communicated.

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