AutumnCare has the ability to transfer clinical information across multiple facets of the system automatically.

This eliminates the need for double entry of data, whilst also improving data consistency and accuracy.

AutumnCare’s Automated Intelligence Feature

AutumnCare contains an “Automated Intelligence rule engine”.

This is a user-definable, rules-based, expert system designed to automate communication and internal processes.

AI rules will prompt also staff to undertake appropriate actions in response to the input of certain data.

Create messages, tasks, popups, appointments, case notes and handover notes automatically in response to triggers.

Additionally, possible triggers include: ‘note created’; ‘form created’; ‘form completed’; ‘answer changed’, etc.

Automated Intelligence Performs:

  • Automatic emails to a dietitian in response to a sudden increase or decrease in weight
  • Automatic creation of progress notes as well as handover notes.
    This could be in response to ‘bowels not opened’ for three days in a row.
    At the same time, an internal message and task is sent automatically to the relevant team members (as well as emails for external health professionals) 

AutumnCare is delivered with more than eighty rules pre-configured for you.

Automated Intelligence