Working in IT for a social care provider, you're looking for a care management system that will operate smoothly alongside other applications already in use. You need a solution that will fit into your existing infrastructure, and operate on existing hardware.

AutumnCare is an enterprise grade clinical solution, with hosting options to suit your organisation and available resources. Our software is designed with an intuitive interface, to be used by staff with the most basic of computer skills. It is user friendly enough to keep staff from running for IT support throughout the day.


  • Is network agnostic
  • Is Citrix supported
  • Utilises Microsoft SQL Server
  • Operates in a virtual environment
  • Cloud hosted or self-hosted, depending on your resources
  • Secure against data loss
  • Is IIS based
  • Regularly updated with new versions
  • Functional while offline
  • Scalable to your growing organisational needs

AutumnCare offers full functionality when deployed via smart clients, and is continuously increasing functionality available via browser. We integrate with a variety of pharmacy, financial and quality systems.

Contact a solutions advisor today for a personalised business case on how AutumnCare can help you achieve your organisation's business objectives. Our advisors can also provide further information on hardware and software specifications, as well as AutumnCare's architecture.

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