Quick and easy online documentation of care makes AutumnCare the ideal solution for are staff on the move.

We understand that when staff are on the go they need the ability to jot down records as quickly as possible and get back to caring for people. This is why we provide a refined interface of AutumnCare for the web.

Use a light version of AutumnCare via any web browser to immediately access key features including messaging, charting, entering case notes and setting tasks.

Intuitive, user friendly and designed to suit real life workflow, AutumnCare on the web is a more streamlined solution for quick data entry.

Simple Layout and Controls 

Navigate instantly to your next task from any screen using the inbuilt control panel.

AutumnCare for Web

AutumnCare for web is ideal for:

  • Staff at the point of care needing to jot down notes quickly as they move between residents
  • Managers needing a quick way to bulk message or set tasks and appointments for their staff
  • Organisations with multiple facilities and staff that move between locations
  • Anybody that prefers to document notes using their phone or tablet
  • GPs and third party health professionals. In addition to facility staff, approved medical staff can access AutumnCare resident profiles 

AutumnCare for Web

Access via any device with a web browser, whether it be a laptop, tablet or smart phone.