Carers working in homes face the daily challenge of providing quality care with increasingly limited time and resources.

You need a user-friendly system that saves you time on admin and updating resident records so you can focus on what is important; enhancing the lives and outcomes for residents.

Not only does AutumnCare save you time, but it puts an end to messy, fragmented information records.

AutumnCare enforces accurate and complete care documentation. All information is completely integrated, and this holistic approach means you can analyse and compare information from notes, forms, assessments and care plans more easily and more effectively than ever before.

AutumnCare takes those hours you would usually spend on care planning, and puts them back into your hands. From day one, AutumnCare was designed with input from nurses and carers with extensive experience in elderly and social care. You can be confident that the system works the way you do. AutumnCare is clinically focused and designed with a low learning curve - even those with little to no computer knowledge can be up and running within hours of training.

What can AutumnCare do for you?

Drive better resident outcomes
Reduce time spent on data entry
Increase your time with residents
Provide evidence quickly in accreditation
More effective auditing
Increase staff accountability
Secure your funding
Produce quantifiable results