Built for nursing care providers

A comprehensive system supporting clinical governance

Nursing Services cater to people living with complex health needs, these people may require end of life or dementia care. AutumnCare is rich in clinical content and best practice guidance, allowing you to effectively care for residents with complex needs, as well as perform reporting and analysis.


Roles and responsibilities

AutumnCare can be customised for different roles types, so each role will see information specific to them and their responsibilities.


Managerial oversight

Managers can review in real time the documentation care staff are completing at the point of care.


Dashboard oversight

Monitor important information with real time indicators on active wounds, residents with a DNACPR, residents using oxygen etc.


Auditing and reporting

Perform comprehensive auditing and reporting from the desktop in hours rather than days.


Clinical alerts

Indicators provide you with an overview of critical information such as outstanding Care Plan reviews, active wounds etc.


Risk assessments

Perform comprehensive risk assessments to determine the best course of action for each resident.

For mobile, tablet and desktop

Apps built for mobile and tablet access allow for lightweight data entry and access to care records.

AutumnCare Mobile

From the desktop full functionality can be accessed including reporting and clinical analysis.

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AutumnCare Desktop

AutumnCare Desktop is an electronic care system that promotes clinical effectiveness and strong clinical governance.

From here, staff can perform care planning as well as detailed clinical reporting and analysis.

AutumnCare Medicate

AutumnCare Medicate is our comprehensive electronic medication record (emAR). 

Manage, administer and reorder your medications from a system that is fully integrated with your care management system.


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