I am really enjoying my return to nursing.

I nurse at a local care home one long day per month, working alongside another Registered Nurse.

Using AutumnCare in a real life setting is proving invaluable at helping me to better understand the needs of our clients.

Also, I love nursing and caring for older people and it is rewarding to be able to use my clinical skills again.

The first thing I quickly remembered was just how busy nurses and carers are. 

I have had some very busy shifts and I am realising how important it is to have systems in place that can make things run more smoothly. 

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Ease of Resident Transfer 

This week saw me nurse residents who had quickly become unwell with suspected chest infections. 

One lady was admitted to hospital and it was really helpful to be able to log into AutumnCare and print the necessary records and send with paramedics.

I remember well, the days of trying to fill in a long transfer document whilst also looking after a very poorly person, contacting their family and communicating with ambulance crew.

GP Access to AutumnCare 

On the same shift we had to arrange a GP visit for another lady who was unwell with a bad chest. 

Prior to the GP visit they rang the home and asked for lots of information such as how the lady had been the past few days and what her recent observations were. 

It is possible for GPs to have a copy of AutumnCare installed on their computers at the surgery and then the phone calls between the nurses and GP are not required. 

The GP is able to log in and read up on how their patient has been and this may help them to triage their visit. 

GP access to AutumnCare

Identifying Clinical Deterioration

Looking after residents who are deteriorating and becoming unwell meant that we were able to use the NEWS2 Chart that has recently been added to AutumnCare’s document set. 

When contacting GP’s and/or 999 the staff are being asked to record resident’s NEWS scores. 

The NEWS2 Chart requires staff to take their residents observations and put them into the chart.

NEWS2 then attaches scores to the parameters and reflects the magnitude of how extremely it differs from the norm. 

The NEWS2 can assist clinical judgement in assessing deterioration and looking at when a resident may need to be reviewed by their GP or escalated to the hospital. 

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