This week I returned to my voluntary nursing role in a busy Nursing and Residential home that is local to where I live.

I have not been able to go much during the pandemic, so it was lovely to be back.

Life is still not back to normal for our care home residents, but things are much better than they were last time I nursed there.

Residents are now able to see their loved ones more often and enjoy more meaningful visits from them.



There are of course still some COVID safety measures in place.

I had the task of recording all of the residents' temperatures and COVID signs/symptoms twice during the day.

It was completing this task that really highlighted how using our software as a nurse in a real-life setting helps me to identify where usability improvements can be made.


AutumnCare has a COVID symptom monitoring chart where staff can record all temperatures and a Yes/No to a list of potential COVID symptoms.

After completing this twice during the day, I noted that it was rather time consuming to to complete the chart.

On my return to the office, I was able to consult with a colleague about whether we can prefill some of the fields to speed up the process of completion.

Customers will now be able to have the date and time pre-filled if they wish. 

They will also be able to prefill the symptom columns for Cough, Sore Throat etc. with None/No and simply override with a Yes if required.

This will speed up this time-consuming process and put Nurses and Carers back on the floor with their residents as they get ready for Christmas festivities in the home.


At AutumnCare we continually seek feedback from our partners.

We will always endeavour to make improvements that will enhance the quality of care for residents and ease of use for the caring team.

Our aim is always to make many lives better.