AutumnCare's mobile app makes communicating with residents' families simple

It has never been easier to keep family members involved in care. AutumnCare's mobile app facilitates instant communication with families, as well as the sharing of relevant care records and information.


App Based Communication Boosts Efficiency 

Save hours on the time that is currently spent trying to reach families through phone calls, email and the distribution of print newsletters. 

Provide families with not only confidence, but also security that they know what is going on.

Furthermore, this can provide peace of mind to family members overseas. They can view care information anywhere, at any time.

By the same token, families that live around the corner can receive updates between regular visits.


App Security 

Data security is important to us. You remain in control of who accesses what information.

Care staff decide who is granted app access and additionally, the information that is shared.


Notifications ensure that family members never miss a beat. 

Communicate via mobile notifications

For iOS, Android and Windows devices. 


Benefits of App Based Communication

  • Easy to use for both families and care staff
  • Navigation is natural and intuitive with familiar icons as well as buttons 
  • Optimised viewing for a smartphone screen
  • Fully integrated with AutumnCare Connect, our core care management system
  • Accessible anywhere
  • Safe and secure thanks to authorisation requirements
  • Offline functionality