Introducing electronic care plans has helped The Maple improve their CQC Rating from Requires Improvement to Good.

The CQC inspection conducted in early May revealed that documentation, as well as auditing within the home, had significantly improved.

Read the full CQC Report on The Maple here.

CQC Inspectors noted that documentation had become both more comprehensive and personalised to each individual.

Audits now supported a process of continuous improvement. 

The Maple CQC Results

Electronic care planning facilitates greater efficiency in recording resident information.

AutumnCare uses prompts to ensure care staff individualise each care plan with the details that make each resident unique.

Demonstrating Person Centred Care

Care records and care planning are key areas in which The Maple demonstrated vast improvement.

Care plans had become more thorough and individualised with the introduction of AutumnCare.

"There were individual person-centred care plans that documented people's preferences and support needs, enabling staff to support people in a personalised way that was specific to their needs and preferences".

The Maple resident choice

AutumnCare promotes resident choice through the documentation of a My Profile.

This contains each resident's preferences, leisure interests, cultural and spiritual practices as well as abilities.

"People were supported to have maximum choice and control of their lives...the policies and systems in the service supported this practice".

Demonstrating Leadership & Managerial Oversight

The Maple also demonstrated significant improvements in the area of being Well Led.

CQC Inspectors noted that audits, risk assessments and subsequent action plans were being documented within AutumnCare.

"At this inspection, we saw quality assurance audits were embedded to ensure a good level of quality was now maintained".

Care staff are able to use audit trails, reporting tools and a Dashboard to monitor the organisation.

These allow any issues or trends to be identified early and proactive measures to be taken.

New activity plans were also being trialled with feedback sought from residents.

AutumnCare's thorough leisure and lifestyle assessments will assist The Maple in continuing to enhance their activities programme in accordance with resident choices.

Next Steps for The Maple

Overall, documentation in the facility had improved in its accuracy and completeness.

The Maple was able to demonstrate compliance in all five of the key areas assessed by the CQC.

"We asked for a variety of records and documents during our inspection. We found these were well maintained, easily accessible and stored securely."

This was the first inspection of The Maple since the implementation of AutumnCare.

AutumnCare looks forward to working with The Maple and continuing to help them deliver high quality individualised care into the future.

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Switching to an electronic system can help care providers improve compliance across all five key areas assessed by the CQC.

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