Care Home Managers require constant oversight of the home.

They must also conduct high-level analyses to mitigate potential risks and ensure that quality of care is maintained.

Paper records cannot provide an ‘at a glance’ overview of the home, potential risks, and outstanding tasks.

The analysis of care records is also time and labor intensive using a paper-based system.

Fortunately, many electronic care systems provide tools that facilitate efficient and effective Managerial oversight. 


Managerial Oversight

A good electronic care system contains visual indicators.

These visual indicators provide instant status updates on tasks and activities across the care home.

These are particularly useful to get a snapshot of:

  • Outstanding care plan evaluations
  • Weight recordings that are due
  • Out of range blood sugar recordings
  • Missed medications 
  • Medications low in stock 

Having this information available at a glance allows Managers to action any required tasks. 

There is no need to read through every single care record and set of care notes to identify risks,  this ensures nothing can fall between the cracks.

In AutumnCare, a Dashboard of visual indicators provides an overview of your care home.

Risk Management

Visual status indicators, alongside electronic reports, allow managers to respond proactively to risks.

For example, running reports on incidents over the past 3 months may reveal that 75% of falls are occurring between 7-8am. 

This allows the Manager to allocate additional staff at this time to reduce this risk. 

Trends such as these may not be identified as early on using a paper-based system.


Reporting and Auditing

Compiling reports using a paper-based system requires collecting a lot of data manually.

This takes a lot of time, a lot of searching and a lot of delving into different files and storage cabinets.

An electronic system retrieves this data for you in minutes.

The data is instantly presented to you in report format you have selected. 

The removal of manual labor from reporting means Managers can focus on applying their knowledge to assess the data in front of them.

This is particularly useful for:

  • Care plan reviews
  • Conducting audits
  • Preparing for CQC inspections 
  • Analysing falls and other incidents
  • Reviewing missed medications 

managerial oversight