Back in November at the Care England Conference we met Julia Jones, co-founder of John’s campaign.

At AutumnCare we feel that this is a great cause and we wanted to write a blog to help raise awareness.

John’s campaign was founded in 2014 after the death of Dr John Gerrard. 

Since his mid 70’s John had been living with Alzheimer’s disease. Despite this, John was living well with support from his family.

John's campaign

John and his daughter Nicci.

According to his daughter Nicci, prior to his hospital stay John was strong, mobile and able to tell stories about his past. He was also able to work in his garden and help out around the house.

John was admitted to hospital with infected leg ulcers and was there for 5 weeks.

During his stay, visiting was severely restricted due to an infection outbreak. Without his family around, John deteriorated rapidly.

When John was discharged from hospital he was skeletal, incoherent, immobile and incontinent. John required 24 hour care and did not always recognise those around him. 

John’s family believe that whilst the nurses and Doctors were kind and respectful, they did not have the time to sit with him and keep him attached to the world. 

John’s Campaign Begins

John sadly passed away in November 2014. Following this, Nicci Gerrard and Julia Jones set up ‘John’s Campaign.’

Julia’s mother June also lives with Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia.

‘John’s Campaign’ was set up for the right of people with dementia to be supported by their carers when they are in hospital.

John’s Campaign insists that there should be no restrictions on family carers supporting those with dementia in hospital or in any healthcare setting. 

Instead, carers should be welcomed and valued: the patient’s memory, their voice, their safe place and their way home.

John’s Campaign Gains Traction

Age UK and the Alzheimer’s Society support this campaign. It has received pledges of support from many NHS trusts across the country.

John's campaign is supported by Age UK

Some of the pledges are as follows:

John's campaign pledges

John's campaign pledges

John's campaign pledges

Some of the Trusts that have implemented John’s Campaign have gone the extra mile and provided rooms for families to stay in. They also offer free car parking, and even meals and drinks.

Currently more than 1,150 institutions have signed up. This can only bring about positive outcomes for our patients living with dementia.