December 5 marks International Volunteer Day.

International Volunteer Day has been observed since 1985.

The day promotes volunteerism and recognises the many volunteers that put countless hours of work into their communities.

In the spirit of community involvement, AutumnCare staff decided to get involved in local volunteering. 

Christmas Crafts

After looking into the activities happening in our area, we visited the Abbeyfield Society Supported Housing Care Home.

At Abbeyfield, we joined residents in their Christmas themed art and crafts.

We helped design Christmas cards as well as decorations for the care home’s upcoming Christmas Party.

Christmas cheer was in full swing on the day, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

International Volunteer Day

Volunteer Day

This year the theme for International Volunteer Day was building resilient communities.

This is a particularly topical theme in the social care industry.

Community involvement, as well as outreach, are integral to demonstrating an Outstanding care service.

Elderly people are at a higher risk of experiencing loneliness and isolation.

This makes it critical that residents are supported to maintain ties to their local community as well as engage in meaningful activities.

Volunteering in 2019

Each year you can find local activities online to help you get involved with International Volunteer Day.

We had such a great time with it we’ll be back next year, and are marking regular visits down in the calendar in the meantime!  

International Volunteer Day at Abbeyfield