We are extremely pleased to announce a new partnership with Five Rivers Living!

Five Rivers Living is an elderly residential care provider based in Leicester. 

The home will shortly begin using AutumnCare for their care records and medication management.

A purpose-built care home

Five Rivers Living is a brand new build that has been designed from the ground up with the purpose of delivering quality care services. 

The home is now set to open its doors in the coming months.

Staff were eager to begin investigating resources that could be in place by the time their first residents joined the facility.

This included sourcing an electronic care management system. 


Selecting a care system

Beginning the search for a care system early allowed staff plenty of time to find the right fit.

It was important to them that the system they chose reflected the company’s vision and promoted high-quality care. 

Five Rivers staff wanted to ensure the facility itself, as well as the equipment and programmes used, would promote best practice, state of the art care.

This includes the ability to manage records and monitor the organisation to a high degree.


Safe medication management

Five Rivers Living will also be introducing AutumnCare’s medication management solution. 

AutumnCare Medicate will ensure that each future resident of Five Rivers receives their medication in a safe and timely manner.

The system also ensures staff never run out of stock again with prompts and reminders and the ability to reorder medications through the one system.

We look forward to working with Five Rivers Living and eagerly await the opening of their doors and the welcoming of their first residents.

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