There are five questions the CQC ask of all care services.

These five key areas sit at the centre of how the CQC regulates care services.

Focusing on these key areas ensures that services are focussed on the things that matter most to people receiving care.

AutumnCare is designed by care professionals.

They have ensured that its features assist staff to document clearly and effectively, in addition to being in line with regulatory requirements.


Is your care service SAFE?

AutumnCare has a wide range of incident reports as well as a comprehensive library of risk assessments to help you to protect people from harm.

Set customisable dashboard indicators. Recieve alerts if DoLS are about to expire.

They can inform you when you are running low on stock for medication or can be set to identify outbreaks of infections early. 

Our live handover and automated messages enhance communication, therefore improving safety for your residents.

 Five Questions

Is your care service EFFECTIVE?

AutumnCare’s Clinical Team regularly update their knowledge which feeds into the AutumnCare system.

Integrated AI rules support your staff to follow processes in line with best practice guidance.

Guided workflow and AI rules assist with the Best Interests Assessment.

This assessment is created if the resident is found to lack capacity. This is determined by completing the Mental Capacity Assessment.

Link weight and fluid balance charts to Dashboard.

Receive alerts when fluid goals are not met or if people are not weighed regularly.

 Five Questions

Is your care service CARING?

AutumnCare focusses on the holistic evaluation of a resident’s needs, including social, emotional, spiritual, cultural and physical needs.

By providing comprehensive care plans and assessments, your staff will know their residents well. Creating the foundation for a caring relationship.

Furthermore staff use person-centred care planning to care for residents in accordance with their personal wishes or choices. 

Our assessments encourage staff to treat residents as individuals and to pay attention to the little details that make each person unique.

Consent forms, as well as care plan consultation records, ensure residents are actively involved in their care.

AutumnCare’s palliative care and spiritual assessments support staff with providing dignified end of life care.

Five Questions Caring

Is your care service RESPONSIVE?

AutumnCare’s assessments are holistic and easily updated. Therefore care delivery remains current and also appropriate.

The system allows for easy care plan reviews as well as evaluations. 

Resident transfer forms, as well as comprehensive care plans, promote consistent care for residents when moving between different services.

Our integrated messaging system as well as our Family Connect app increase communication and family involvement.

Five Questions Responsive

Is your care service WELL LED?

AutumnCare’s features and functions enable your team to deliver high quality and person-centred care based on best practice.

Managers are able to embed the companies’ policies into the system.

Customisable dashboard indicators and reports allow for visibility as well as detailed auditing.

Other health care providers are able to record their notes using their own domain.

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