Care Quality Commission.

Bringing family into the care home and increasing engagement is made easier with Family Connect.

Family Connect is a mobile app that allows care staff to communicate instantly with residents' family members. 

Family members are able to provide feedback to designated care staff using the app.

Designed to enhance communication, the app benefits both families and care providers.


Drive Efficiency & User Satisfaction

Send instant updates to families via messages or alerts.

Care staff are able to spend more time providing care as they are spending less time on communications.

Families are able to feel secure in the knowledge that their loved ones are receiving the care they need.

Transparency and regularity of updates instil confidence amongst service users.

Increase Family Involvement

Send messages to invite family to events in the care home, as well as to remind them of family conferences.

Share photos of residents enjoying outings as well as participating in activities within the care home.

Involve families in moments as they occur.

Seeing their loved one enjoying hobbies and activities provides the family with a holistic view of their loved ones experience at the home.

Family Connect

Seek Actionable Feedback

Feedback is traditionally gathered by the care home either in discussion with family members or when routine surveys are carried out.

Family Connect provides a platform for receiving real-time feedback that can drive quality improvement.

Demonstrate a commitment to being responsive to achieve outstanding ratings from the CQC.

Family Connect allows care providers to demonstrate a clear commitment to continuous improvement.

Utilising innovation to improve your service offering is something the CQC look out for. 

Improve the quality of your care by learning from people's experiences, concerns and complaints.


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Compliance with a CMS

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