AutumnCare is now Cyber Essentials Certified.

The Cyber Essentials certification scheme is run by the National Cyber Security Centre based in the UK.

This certification demonstrate that AutumnCare is compliant with standard safety and security that protect the organisation against cyber attacks. 

This includes taking measures to protect the organisation's devices, services and any personal information being stored.


Certification requires that the organisation is able to demonstrate:

  • Regular backups of important data are taken
  • Data backups can be restored in the event of data loss 
  • Machines are password protected and have the latest security updates installed 
  • Antivirus software and firewalls are in place to protect machines from malware 
  • Staff are vigilant about phishing
  • Two factor authentication is used wherever possible 


This demonstrates that AutumnCare is strongly protected against both data loss and potential ransomware attacks.

AutumnCare clients are also afforded security in knowing their care records are protected against data loss, by virtue of AutumnCare's data recovery and business continuity capabilities. 


AutumnCare successfully achieved certification in May 2021.

All certificates issued by the National Cyber Security Centre have a 12-month expiry date, past which the organisation can be reassessed. 

Visit the National Cyber Security Centre website to find out more about cybersecurity and demonstrating compliance.