Switching to an electronic care management system can help care providers improve compliance.

New technology not only increases the efficiency of documentation, it prompts care staff to write more comprehensive care notes and care plans.

The Five Key Areas


An electronic system makes information available remotely.

This is incredibly useful for care providers and regional managers with responsibility for more than one location.

AutumnCare has a wide range of incident reports as well as risk assessments.

These make it easy to spot trends and action issues early.


Using an electronic system allows providers to embed their own policies into the system.

Use prompts and advice to guide staff to follow best practice.

For example, if weight loss is identified when entering a result on the weight chart, AutumnCare can be programmed to ensure that staff make a GP referral and commence a food and fluid intake chart.


Assessments and care plans are considered comprehensive when they are holistic.

Person-centred care planning ensures that people are cared for in accordance with their personal wishes and choices.

An electronic system makes care planning for each individual resident a less labour intensive task.

Staff have more time to create tailored plans of care for every resident, ensuring that they are personalised.


Making documentation easy to update ensures that records remain current and reduces discrepancies.

Paper-based records are incredibly time-consuming to update.

They are also rife with discrepancies due to the same information needing to be recorded multiple times in different places.

This is eliminated in electronic systems that automatically update details once they are changed in one location.

For example, when details are changed in an AutumnCare assessment, the system automatically updates the related care plan.

This enables staff to provide care that is based on a resident’s current needs.


Electronic records are secure, yet information is quick and easy to obtain.

Managers are also able to audit information at any time.

A system that helps to evidence that your care home is well led will contain:

  • Transparent reporting
  • Staff messaging as well as task management functionality
  • Dashboards for managerial oversight

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Compliance with a CMS

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