The second key area the CQC focuses on is whether your care service is effective.

By effective we mean that people’s care, treatment and support achieves good outcomes, promotes a good quality of life, as well as being based on the best available evidence.

AutumnCare is designed to ensure that all clinical documentation and care needs are managed effectively.

This empowers your staff to improve the well-being of their residents.


Ensure that residents receive effective care that is based on best practice

AutumnCare’s clinical team continually update their knowledge, therefore our content always reflects the current best practice guide.

Guided Workflow 

Our integrated Automated Intelligence rules guide workflow. They also prompt staff to follow best practice processes.

We encourage providers to embed their own policies and processes into our system. Enforce organisational procedures.

High-Quality Care Planning

Create comprehensive person-centred care plans that are semi-automated. This guides staff to include all of their residents’ needs and wishes.

It ensures that all care plans reflect the same quality, as well as ensuring consistency throughout the entire care home.

Semi-automation prompts staff to assess their resident’s needs in a holistic way, by guiding them to ask questions that they may not have considered.

Five Questions Responsive

Ensure that consent to care treatment is always sought in line with legislation and guidance

AutumnCare’s wide range of forms and assessments include the detailed Mental Capacity (MCA) as well as the Best Interest Assessment (BIA). 

Assessing Mental Capacity

Guided workflow assists with completing the BIA, only allowing its creation if the resident is found to lack capacity after completing the Mental Capacity Assessment. 

Automated Intelligence rules will only prompt staff to complete an MCA if there are doubts about a resident’s mental capabilities.

Efficiently support your residents to maintain a balanced diet and a healthy food and fluid intake 

AutumnCare’s extensive selection of charts includes Food and Fluid Balance charts. These allow you to set fluid goals for your residents.

Link fluid goals to a Dashboard indicator, flagging you when fluid goals are not met. 

Effective fluid intake

Maintain Healthy Food Intake

Track resident weights without difficulty.

Set alerts to be notified when there is a change of 5% or more in weight.

Use Dashboard indicators alert staff if people are not weighed in line with their plan of care.

Our comprehensive resident menu choices assessment creates a truly person-centred approach.

Resident focussed care plans are produced, tailored to resident preferences.

Identify Malnutrition Risks

AutumnCare provides detailed risk assessment tools like the MUST as well as nutritional assessments. 

These allow you to spot trends and therefore act effectively.

Dysphagia in older people

Support resident’s to maintain good health, giving them access to healthcare services

AutumnCare enables other health professionals to access our system and also document under their own domain.

This ensures high-quality notes that are not missing any details.

Effective healthcare access