The third question the CQC asks is whether your care service is caring.

Caring means that staff involve and treat people with compassion, kindness, dignity and respect.

AutumnCare sees your residents as part of our family. 

The system follows a person-centred approach, therefore enabling staff to provide the best care possible to each individual person. 


Empower staff to develop positive and caring relationships with their residents

AutumnCare focusses on the holistic evaluation of a resident’s needs, including social, emotional, spiritual, cultural as well as physical needs. 

By providing comprehensive care plans and assessments your staff will know their residents well. This forms the foundation of a caring relationship.

Caring for residents


Support your residents to be actively involved in making decisions about their care and treatment

AutumnCare’s wide range of forms and assessments includes the detailed Care Plan Consultation Record.

This involves residents in reviewing all areas of their care.

Obtaining Resident Consent

Our Consent Forms are there to protect residents.

Obtaining consent first before any examinations or procedures are performed.

Our care plans are all person focussed, meaning that they concentrate on the individual’s needs, choices and preferences.

Document at the Point of Care

Staff are able to record notes directly at the resident’s bedside, therefore actively involving them in their day-to-day care.

Complete an automatically triggered Mental Capacity Assessment when there are doubts about a residents mental capacity.

Our guided workflow will assist staff to assess a resident’s capacity to make particular decisions.


Ensure that people’s privacy and dignity are respected and maintained

Resident’s privacy and dignity form a key part of the care that is provided. This is reflected in each individual’s care plan goals.

AutumnCare recommends that you embed your own company processes into the workflow.

This ensures that staff care for your residents in line with your organisational ethos as well as your values.


Provide private, comfortable, dignified and pain-free end of life care

AutumnCare provides a comprehensive Palliative Care Assessment.

This includes advanced care planning, diagnosis and symptoms, communication as well as preferred care needs.

Palliative care goals are listed in detail underlining the importance of maintaining comfort and quality of life.

We also offer Spiritual Assessments that reflect the resident’s spiritual and religious beliefs, if applicable.

End of Life Care

Skilful communication as well as shared decision making form an important part of end of life care.

AutumnCare supports family involvement with the use of our communication app Family Connect.

Share care plans and care notes. Send messages directly between family members and carers.

Our live handover enables staff to easily track changes in care plans. Therefore staff are always up to date with the most recent care needs of their residents.