Government launches Care Badge scheme.

On Wednesday 15 April, the government held their daily Coronavirus briefing. 

This briefing had a strong focus on staff from social care and care homes.


In the briefing, Matt Hancock, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care highlighted a need to recognise all people working in health and social care.

These people should all receive the same recognition and benefits of NHS staff. 


The Care Badge idea is defined on the Care Badge website as follows:

"The CARE badge is a unifying symbol of pride in our social care champions; those providing, receiving and supporting care.

It is a clear demonstration of your pride in the quality work you do and our appreciation for the care and support we receive.

It is long overdue recognition for the 2 million people employed in care outside the NHS, as well as the 7 million more unpaid carers across the UK."

Care badge


The CARE pin has been unveiled and will be offered to staff to wear so that they can feel united. 

It will also allow staff to access some of the perks currently only being offered to NHS employees, including priority shopping hours.

Supermarkets have been asked to recognise these badges worn by staff and to offer them the same consideration.


In the briefing, Matt Hancock stated:

"This badge will be a badge of honour in a very real sense, allowing social care staff proudly and publicly to identify themselves just like NHS staff do.

I know that many businesses will want to offer the same recognition and benefits as they do wonderfully to the NHS."

Care badge


Visit the Care Badge website for more information.

At present, badges are unavailable for purchase on the website. 

Readers should continue to follow government announcements for details on accessing these badges.