Business Continuity

We understand that the care industry is time critical by nature, requiring constant access to records.

As such, AutumnCare incorporates numerous safeguards to ensure all of our customers experience comprehensive business continuity.

Uninterrupted access to care records

We ensure customers can continue to deliver care in the event of an outage, promoting safety and quality of care

Ensure the system you use is resilient enough to get you through an outage or in worst case, a natural disaster sistuation such as a flood or fire. A robust, enterprise grade clinical system will allow you to access and record data at all times. Anything else puts people at risk and compromises safety and quality of care.

Business continuity

Our unique design philosophy eliminates single points of failure that can affect the end user.

Our business continuity measures include:

  • Services Oriented Architecture
  • Occasionally Connected Computing technology
  • database replication and multiple fail overs
  • continuous operation in offline mode
  • ability to connect to the system from emergency locations

Disaster recovery

Assistance is available for customers who find themselves needing to restore their last system back up and reconcile information on all devices.

This ensures there is no loss of data in the event of any of the following

  • network failure or network outage
  • a security breach
  • a natural disaster e.g. a fire or flood requiring evacuation


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