AutumnCare Medicate

Safe, effective medication management and administration

AutumnCare Medicate

Manage, administer and order medications safely, securely and efficiently.

AutumnCare Medicate treats the pharmacy as the single source of truth and follows the 7 Rs of administration.

AutumnCare Medicate core benefits


Reduces medication incidents

Guided workflow
for ease of use

Eliminates missed medications


Eliminates signature omissions

Automated workflow eliminates
system driven errors

Faster medication rounds

As staff become familiar with Medicate they are spending less time administering medications.

Additional time found can be spent having quality time with residents.


It feels easier to use than the paper medical charts we had previously. I find the system easy to use, review and pull reports from.

Maureen Kennedy

Head of Clinical, Bolton Clarke

Features include

  • Your choice of pharmacy systems
  • A medication profile for every resident
  • Printable profiles
  • Medications, allergies and diagnosis visible on each profile
  • Prompts and alerts¬†
  • Inventory control – ordering, reordering, stocktake
  • Witness signing for specific drugs
  • Report on medication incidents
  • Record reasons for non-administration
  • Report on the effectiveness of PRN administration
  • Psychotropic and antibacterial drug monitoring
  • Run pre-built reports or modify them to suit your needs

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