Last month we spent some time conducting on-site visits with our clients.

We do this at regular intervals allowing us to catch up with Management and care staff to touch base on current business operations. 

We are particularly interested to hear their most pressing challenges and how we, as their system provider, can support them in addressing these. 


Visits included meetings with one of our largest clients.

Supporting over 6,000 residents in 60+ care services makes them one of the largest elderly care providers nationally.

Their new CIO was keen to meet and discuss their business needs so as to map out our joint digital strategies for the future.


The sector is currently facing intense scrutiny from multiple angles. 

With ever-growing pressures and harsher regulations alongside ever-tightening financial budgets, it has never been more critical for care providers to:

  • A) Achieve high efficiencies
  • B) Ensure compliance


The threat of evacuation due to severe flooding and other weather conditions has served as a stark reminder for care managers.

It must be possible to rapidly mobilise residents and their documentation in a disaster situation.

Uninterrupted access to care records quickly becomes unattainable via a web browser based only care system.


Care providers are mounting pressure to record more and more documentation and to be ready to produce evidence instantly during an audit. 

It is crucial that a system can both support providers in doing this and be robust enough to endure emergency scenarios.


With all of this unfolding, now is the time for providers to be assessing whether their care management system meets these needs.

  • Does your system guide and promote clinical best practice?
  • Is your system helping care staff to enter comprehensive, high-quality documentation?
  • Does your system make it easy to audit and evidence care quickly?
  • Does your system align with your other digital strategies for the care home?


Delivery on these fronts will be integral to the usefulness of a system to elderly care providers.

We will continue to meet with clients to ensure that together we strive towards solutions that satisfy industry guidelines and best practice.


Face-to-face client meetings allow us to seek out what we must deliver to continue providing a product that caters to the needs of our extensive user base.