AutumnCare Desktop

A care management solution individually tailored to suit your needs

AutumnCare Desktop

AutumnCare Desktop drives strong clinical governance and clinical effectiveness.


This comprehensive system contains all of the tools you need to achieve better oversight and care outcomes.

AutumnCare Desktop core benefits


Person centred
care planning


Inbuilt clinical
best practice


Risk and incident

Able to integrate with
other systems

Comprehensive reporting

Features include

  • Tasks, messages and appointments to organise your day
  • Interactive handover accessible at any time
  • Clinical charting and trend tracking
  • Direct messaging between staff and external parties
  • Dashboard indicators¬†
  • Individual staff and resident profiles
  • Prompts and alerts to guide users through the system
  • Hundreds of clinical documents and assessments
  • Reinforcement of best practice
  • A comprehensive risk register
  • Staff competencies and performance monitoring
  • Full audit trails

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AutumnCare Medicate

AutumnCare Medicate is our comprehensive electronic medication administration record (eMAR). 

Manage, administer and reorder your medications from a system that is fully integrated with your care management system.

AutumnCare Family

Our family communication portal allows care staff to send updates to the families members of residents at any time. Family members can view updates at their convenience.

This helps to keep family involved and engaged in the delivery of care.


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