Following a number of recent ransomware attacks on social care providers, AutumnCare has clarified how we ensure that customer data is kept safe and secure.

This is how we as an organisation ensure that customer data is kept safe, and how the AutumnCare product operates securely.


AutumnCare security 

Self hosted

  • Customers choose from a range of failover options to manually or automatically activate a standby server in the event of a primary server failure 
  • Control system access is via Windows Server, Active Directory and SQL Server security and access permissions

The AutumnCare system can work offline in the event of a breach, and data is recoverable. 


Cloud hosted 

  • We perform regular monitoring and maintenance 
  • We regularly apply Windows security updates and patches
  • Frequent password updates are enforced 
  • Server access is restricted to authenticated IP addresses only
  • Services are secured via digital certificates 

Data is stored locally within the UK.


Business continuity and disaster recovery 

AutumnCare is able to remain operational whilst offline, allowing end users to operate as normal and continue entering data.

Regardless of whether you are a self hosted or cloud hosted customer, there will be no loss of data from AutumnCare in the event of a security breach because of the way our system operates.

AutumnCare is able to be restored from your last back up, and we can assist you to reconcile all information on all devices.

Handling of personal information 

AutumnCare endeavours to handle personal information in accordance with the GDPR 2016/67 regulations, including all subsequent amendments. 

Read our full privacy policy here