We are excited to announce the official launch of AutumnCare 2020!

The highly anticipated update contains all of the extensive performance enhancements you've come to expect from each new iteration of the AutumnCare product.

We are also pleased to unveil many exciting new features for the first time.

Some of these brand new features include:


AutumnCare Desktop 

  • Large forms are now divided into sections with tabs; this provides ease of access to data and reduces the need for scrolling
  • Actualisation of appointments can occur through the Group Appointments screen
  • Files can now be attached to messages for sharing with other staff
  • The terminology 'Updated' replaced 'Modified' and 'Last Modified' as per client request
  • Automatic renaming of forms allows for quick and easy identification and retrieval of forms at a later date
  • Global Notes now have access permissions
  • New exclude group features have been added to the Dashboard 


AutumnCare Medicate

  • Medication Profiles can now be accessed from directly within a medication round
  • Evaluate PRN effectiveness
  • Record treatment options tried prior to PRN administration
  • Create medication incident forms from within Medicate


AutumnCare Mobile

  • Assessments and other forms can now be created, viewed and updated all within AutumnCare Mobile
  • Messages can now be sent alongside Notes
  • Residents can be ordered by their room number 
  • A wider range of charts is available 


Find out more

Clients can find out more about this update by logging in to our Support Site and accessing our resources.

Email us now if you are ready to schedule your AutumnCare update.

If you're not a client, but would still like to learn more, get in touch with us here.