An AutumnCare partnership guarantees support through each stage of the training and implementation process.

We understand that adopting a new care management system involves a transitional period in which change management is critical.



Our qualified nurses and operations staff capture each of your care processes before implementation begins.

This allows AutumnCare to configure features and functionality specifically to suit your organisation.

This information is captured in information gathering workshops with your team.

In these workshops, we map out your care homes unique workflow to build into your AutumnCare system.


Training occurs before your care management system goes live, however, ongoing training or refresher training is also available in a variety of methods.

Onsite, Remote, Workshop style as well as Online training options are available.

See our Training page for a detailed explanation of your options.

Change Management

AutumnCare has over 17 years of experience in guiding change management for companies small and large.

As a result, we have developed a process that helps engage staff in the transition and encourage all stakeholders to take up the new practice.

Change management is key to the entire process of implementation of a care management system.

The capacity to manage change requires all stakeholders to take responsibility for the change and furthermore, for management teams to empower staff to make the change.


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