Helping our customers monitor COVID-19

Last week AutumnCare created a new set of forms and charts.

These were developed to assist customers in monitoring COVID-19 in their residents and staff.


AutumnCare customers can now access: 

  • A COVID-19 Observation Monitoring Chart to record potential COVID-19 symptoms in residents
  • A COVID-19 Staff Monitoring Chart to record potential COVID-19 symptoms in staff
  • A Transfer Advice Form for hospital admissions during COVID-19

These new tools are available now to all AutumnCare customers.


Anatomy of a software change

AutumnCare was able to respond rapidly in both the creation and deployment of new COVID-19 tools.

We are pleased to have provided a less than 24 hour turnaround between the first customer request and deployment of these tools into their system.


Empathising with what our customers are going through and how we can make life easier forms the beginning of our product development process.


AutumnCare is able to respond rapidly to a changing environment for several reasons.


To find out more about our COVID-19 tools visit our previous blog.

Contact AutumnCare Support to arrange immediate access to these tools.

We will be continuing to monitor COVID-19 and to look for other ways in which our software can help.