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AutumnCare has been providing clinical systems to the Aged Care industry for over 20 years.

This extensive experience has us best positioned to respond to the needs of Aged Care providers.


We are committed to leading the market and growing with our customers into the future.



Meet the team

Partnership driven

At AutumnCare we treat every client relationship as a lifelong partnership.

We work together with our clients as much as possible to seek their opinion on our product development and the future direction of our product set.


Making many lives better

At AutumnCare we are driven by a mission to make many lives better.

This involves improving the lives of residents as well as staff, the Aged Care industry and the wider community.


Outcomes focused

We are committed to product development that demonstrates continuous improvement and evolution to meet the everchanging needs of the Aged Care industry.

Built by nurses for nurses since the beginning

AutumnCare was established in 2000 with our first commercial product release following in 2005.

The first five years following establishment were spent working in close collaboration with aged care providers.

This has ensured that our product development was informed by a thorough understanding of the Aged Care industry, how care staff work, what their daily workflow looks like, what processes they follow, and where an electronic system could improve outcomes.

AutumnCare has grown significantly over the years, and our approach to product development remains the same. We work closely with our customers and the wider industry to ensure our product meets end user needs.

We also continue to employ Registered Nurses as part of our team who work closely with our product developers every step of the way.

“I was seeing huge gaps in information where nobody could tell me what exactly had occured that day.

Not only was it concerning for me, but it made life incredibly difficult for the staff. 
They were trying to provide consistent care based off inconsistent records.”


Stuart Hope – Executive Chairman and founder of AutumnCare

Office locations

We have offices located in Perth, Melbourne and Manchester.

Steady growth

Over the years we have built up a customer based both in Australia and the UK.

Multiple timezones

Spanning several timezones allow us to offer extended Support hours.

Varied skill sets

Our staff are degree qualified professionals with experience in a range of industries.


Suite 2, 9 De Laeter Way
WA, 6102

1800 987 870


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